Beginner’s Basics of Adding a Bathroom Zone to Whole House Audio

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Oct 26

If you are a music or movie lover, you know that a high quality home entertainment system is a worthy investment. If you are thinking about adding a bathroom zone to whole house audio, there is some basic information that you need to know. You may have not considered it until now, and now that you have you will have the know-how needed to install a great system everywhere. If you are unsure of any technical information that you will need to install your system, have the information on hand about what make and model your central audio system is.

There are a few reasons why adding a bathroom zone to whole house audio is an excellent idea. First of all, you will be able to listen to your favorite music while doing your business, or listen to the news when you are showering or getting ready for work. Whole house audio is meant to include every room in the house. Why miss a part of your favorite movie when you can listen to it no matter where you go? Do not want to miss your favorite song because you have to use the bathroom? Now you don’t have to worry about it.

The first question you have to ask yourself is how far apart are the bathroom and center system and what kind of audio system do you have? If you have a remote access system that can wirelessly connect to external speakers, this job is going to be a cinch for you. The bathroom is a small area usually, so do not buy speakers that will take up a large amount of space. Focus on speakers that are small but deliver a big sound. You can purchase wireless speakers that will connect with your sound system if it has the capabilities to do so.

If you do not have a wireless system, there are two options. You can wire around the walls or through them. If you are planning to connect wires for speaks through your wall, use a stud finder, mark your drill point and make sure that you are not going to disturb pipes or electrical wiring. Use a wire hanger to feed your wires through. You can buy extensions and wiring from most electronic stores, and get expert advice from those who install audio equipment.

There are so many reasons to invest in a good sound system, but it is wonderful adding a bathroom zone to whole house audio. Remember that a bathroom can be a very damp and humid place, so use protective coverings for your speakers. Also, make sure that you keep them away from any water source that could cause electronic failure. Investing in a digital wireless connection is a worthy expenditure and will reduce the amount of work that you will have to do in order to complete this task. The time and effort that it takes to successfully install a theater system in your bathroom is minimal, and just takes a little planning beforehand.

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