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May 20
Multi split systems

One of the best showrooms of heating and cooling products in Australia is undoubtedly Air Fusion. A wide range of devices are designed and sold by Air Fusion. All these devices not only belong to best brands, but they are also designed with the latest technology. Your ordinary house, office or factory can be turned into a cozy living space with the help of these electronic heating and air conditioning devices. Expert advice can also be sought by you if you bring your own ideas and designs to them. Air Fusion is considered to be the leader in system design with many years of high experience. You can visit the showroom of Air Fusion six days a week.

Air conditioning systems

  • Cassette system

You can place a ceiling cassette at the middle of the room, so that air can be spread evenly throughout your room. A return air grill is consisted of by the fascia panel in the middle, so that it can be maintained and serviced easily. Standard and compact are the two styles of cassette indoors. The main body of the indoor and the visible fascia are exposed outside because of ​installation in the roof space. A cassette system is available in wide range of sizes from 2.5 kilowatt to 14 kilowatt. Hand wired and infrared are the two operation controls of the system.

  • Ducted system

Both the multi split and reverse cycle ducted system work on same principles. An outdoor condenser is connected to an indoor unit of your house or office which is installed either under the floor, in the roof or under the ceiling. Cooled or heated air is sent by this ducted system. The connection of flexible duct work helps to heat or cool the air in different areas of the house or office. Two or more zones at different times of the day are operated by the ducted systems. Both money and energy can be saved by using this system as the bedrooms are air conditioned at night and the living areas during the daytime. Your desired indoor look can be created by different styles of wall registers or ceiling.

  • Multi split systems

If you have a large space in your property, then multi split systems can be installed by you. A number of units have to be placed in multi split systems, so that it can run well for both cooling and heating operation. A single outdoor unit with many outdoor connections makes up a multi split system. You have to place them strategically so that air can be distributed evenly in the room. Individual control of the air conditioning is allowed by a multi split system in all the zones. You should set the same mode for cooling and heating of the indoor units. Wiring is done to connect all the units to form a single split system. There is also a connection of some more indoor units.

Thus, visit the showroom of Air Fusion to enhance the air conditioning system of your house by using the latest technology products.

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