Home Control and Automation Systems

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Oct 26
Home Control and Automation Systems

With growing energy needs and mounting electricity bills, alternate ways are being sought to minimize the energy expenditure of our homes. One such alternative is Home automation which formed the major part of science fiction books and movies in yester years. Now, with the advancements in science and technology, fiction has become a reality and people have started reaping the benefits out of it.

What is home control and automation?

Home automation and control refers to the technology that helps and improves everyday life through automation of our day to day activities from switching on lights to retracting curtains. Apart from the every day actions, security systems also come under home automation and control which ensures a secured way of living.

Advantages of home automation

With technology and convenience converging, home automation has seen a lot of enthusiasts show interest in installing devices that take control of the home by itself. The rigid and prompt network system offered by many providers has many advantages by its side. They are

1. Convenience – One of the prime reasons for the home automation systems to be a success is the convenience that these network systems offer. You can choose to automate any of the functions at your home at ease just at the press of a button or two.

2. Saves your pocket – Apart from giving the physical ease, it also helps to save our energy bills substantially.

3. Security – Yet another cause for home automation to be welcomed by all sects of people is the security measures it offers. Security cameras and leak sensors are a boon to mankind to help secure your house of any untoward situation.

4. Enjoyable – The whole idea of automating your house managing systems at the tap of a button looks exciting and enjoyable. For gadget freaks, these automations would offer a whole range of thrill and joy.

Home automation systems

Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important attractions home automation systems offer. By this facility, you can switch on or off any lights in your home, irrespective of in which part of the world you are in. There are also provisions for the lights going on when you enter the room and automatically goes off when you are out of it. These facilities, apart from giving the luxury factor also helps saving on your electricity bills.
Security cameras & alarms: Security cameras and alarms have been one of the earliest additions of home automation systems. Recent advancements are the improved optics, sensors and other specialty features like ability to view real-time pictures of your property from elsewhere.

Phone systems: Home automated phone system also adds to the safety features, which secure your home when you are on a vacation. Screening calls based on their location, diverting important calls are few of the features in it.

Climate control: This is one fabulous feature which automatically controls the temperature of your house in accordance to the weather outside. These automatic climate control systems help regulating the temperature and thereby save time and energy.

Home entertainment system: Home automations offer the best audio/video euphoria one can never imagine with its highly automatic remote controls, to control the input and output modes which required manual operation before.

Thus home automation has been a remarkable step forward in technological advancement which apart from adding value to our lives also helps strengthening it.

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