How to Get Hot Water for Your Shower in Seconds

By JohnMCd | Bathroom

Nov 21
Hot Water for Your Shower

People usually spend thousands of dollars to get hot water instantly using water heaters without a water tank but this can be a costly option for everyone to implement in his place especially for economically weaker people. But even then you can get hot water easily through your taps using your old water heating equipment that might be lying idle in your store. It can be done only by using a recirculation pump to deliver hot water on demand.

You can find a number of hot water recirculation pumps in the market ranging from $175 to $500 depending upon the model and facilities provided with them. This will help you in having hot water more than 80% faster than earlier by connecting it to your old water heating system.

Moreover, besides supplying hot water to your faucet faster than before it also stops the wastage of water and energy both effectively. Plenty of water is drained out in search of hot water suitable to be used every time which can be saved if you get hot water for your shower in seconds by using the recirculation pump.

Though you may not get hot water exactly instant through this arrangement even then you will get it much earlier and faster than the previous arrangement. Usually, you have to wait for hot water for minutes after opening your shower and plenty of water gets wasted in the meantime. This wastage of water can be minimized to a great extent by using a recirculation pump as the current system which will reduce the delivery time of hot water greatly. On the other hand, it also saves the energy needed to heat up the water for several extra minutes in the older system.

The cold water stored in the pipes of your old water heater gets re-circulated to the water heater through cold water line with the help of the recirculation pump attached to it and you will get hot water supply instantly when you open the knob of your shower. In this way, the cold water in your hot water pipe is saved from being drained out in search of hot water through the recirculation pump and you will get hot water supply in your shower in seconds. The cold water that was earlier wasted is now sent back to the water heater through this pump replacing it with hot water. Thus the waiting time for hot water gets reduced up to 80% than earlier. So you will be able to save water, energy and time by using this system to get hot water in your shower within seconds.

You can find several kinds of hot water recirculation pumps on the stores which can be used as per the quantity of hot water needed for your shower in seconds. Some recirculation pumps are water heater mounted and some are electronically operated. The water heater mounted recirculation pumps are operated with thermostatic controls and are fitted between hot and cold water lines like a bypass valve. Though the electronic model also works on a similar principle the operation can be controlled electronically through a remote control also.

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