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Jan 27
buy doors in Melbourne

When it comes to doors, it is very important to think about the type of timber used. Doors play a very important role in a house or a building. Thus, you need to be very careful while selecting a company for your doors. There is a well-known company in Melbourne, Victoria known as Summit Doors.

Summit Doors was established in the year 2012. This company attempts to provide the highest and the best quality timber door at a very reasonable price. Summit Doors consider the health of the environment and thus source out the raw materials from renewable and sustainable sources. The timber used in the doors is currently obtained from South East Asia. The products of Summit Doors are available from the Melbourne showroom/warehouse. They have a wide selection of doors in various styles and sizes. They also offer delivery provisions to most of the metropolitan areas in Australia. For customized styles and sizes, you can always contact the team and let them know your requirements. You can know more about Summit Doors

The nature of wood that Summit Doors use is Meranti. It is of Shorea species. Meranti is basically classified as hardwood having light to medium weight and its heartwood varies in colour from light brown to light pink. Meranti is a very resourceful timber. This is why it is extensively used for decorative purposes like interior finishing, furniture, moulding, panelling, skirting and also in architecture. The types of joint usually used in these doors are Dowel Joints. Dowels are nothing but round timber pins having small diameter. This small diameter helps to strengthen the joints. These joints are dipped in glue and are driven in a constricted fit hole which is made for reception of such joints.

Summit Doors mainly have three categories of doors. They are glazed or glass doors, bi-fold doors and the traditional panel doors.

The bi-fold doors are available in the size 35×405×2040. But they are available in different varieties like 5 lite doors, 4 panel doors and so on. The glazed doors are available in a large variety of sizes such as 35×720×2040, 35×770×2040, 35×820×2040, 40×820×2040, 40×870×2040, 40×920×2040. And coming to the panel doors, they are available in 35×720×2040, 35×770×2040, 35×820×2040, 35×820×2340 sizes.

The delivery time of the ordered product would be 24 hours and if the order is made before 12pm, then the product will be ready for despatch the very next day. They make use of courier service for the delivery of the product. So the information about the delivery of the product will be available with the courier company. Pickup from the store is also available.

So what are you waiting for? Just logon to their website and check out their variety of doors and get one for your home. They also have return or exchange option. If you do not like the product, then you can return the product within 30 days. And if the company is unable to solve your problem, then your money will be refunded back.

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