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Dec 01
cabinet refinishing

Over certain period of time, a home needs refinishing, particularly in the kitchen and the toilets, as these are the two places often visited by the inhabitants. Refinish or refurbish as one would call this work, is not easy to accept for the following reasons:

  • Disruption in the house
  • Non-availability of right material and workmen
  • Unacceptable cost factor

Advantages of refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is economical too because you are utilizing your existing cabinets.  Therefore, less material and workforce is required for the makeover. There is no demolition or deconstruction involved by this typical replacing.

This work is free from disruption in your routine activities in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. You can even leave your items intact and as they are in the drawers or cabinets while the work will be completed smoothly.

What is refinishing?

These were reasons to be worried about in the past, but not now. There are many agencies in the market with marvelous ideas which would make your home look new in a short time. They will replace the cabinet door and drawers, hardware and accessories. They can help you make the kitchen and toilets look better and better with sensible makeovers and enhancements. They can provide additional shelving wherever necessary as well.

There are thousands of combinations of materials, finishes, colors and styles available in the market. There is a variety of selections resting in bamboo, stains, paints, glazes and finishes.  One can also select new hinges, handles, pulls and knobs to suit to his requirement and likes.  One can add dividers, storage trays and organizers, as you want in the existing kitchen cabinets and storage areas.

The cabinets will look as good as new and better from inside and outside. This is because the work is done with professional coating to achieve a factory finish. Your home remains habitable during and after the work as there will be no odor and toxins that are used.

Located in the Tampa, Florida region, Espresso Finishes is a good bet in this field. They have been doing refinishing work for years and are well experienced. They pull out all the old cabinets and replace them with new remodeled cabinets duly refaced. This is done without disturbing the existing layout of the cabins or the kitchen. They use environmentally friendly materials and have maintained a good reputation in the market.

Espresso helps their customer know the latest trends in the market and advise them the best one should go for. They can provide you with different shades and designs that are the latest and your home will certainly look better.

Absolute planning is desired when it comes to home improvement related work. One should know the cost before going for a cabinet makeover. The work we entrust to a refinishing contractor must be free from overruns.

Espresso Finishes provides you with a free estimate before you agree to the work. They are less expensive, as the kitchen will look entirely new with 50% of the cost, as otherwise it will incur.  They have a good track record in the market and guarantee you utmost satisfaction.

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