The advantages of having an artificial lawn

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Apr 13

The lawn is one of the most favourite parts of the house for most people. So, you should maintain your lawn properly with the help of lawn specialists. Agape Turf is one of the well known companies famous for installing artificial grass. The Greater Phoenix area is served by this locally owned business named Agape Turf. It is the top artificial grass contractor in Chandler. Various kinds of custom paver designs for your back and front yards, landscaping services and artificial grass are offered by them.

Affordable and premium products are provided to all customers at a budget-friendly price. The kinds of artificial grasses that are used by them last long and remain beautiful throughout the year. A durable and safe lawn is provided to the customers because the grass installed is lead free, pet friendly and UV protected. Instead of estimates, quotes are provided free of cost to all the customers. There are no hidden costs in the quotes, so that you can get the exact idea of total costing. They answer to all the questions of the customers in an understandable and direct way. They are very honest in every matter-from the product they offer to the service they provide.

Why artificial turf?

  • The yard can be maintained and cost can be reduced by the home owners of Phoenix by installing artificial turf. The amount of your outdoor free time will be increased after the installation of artificial grass. This is because edging, mowing, cleaning up debris, watering, fertilizing lawn are no more required to be done in case of artificial lawn.
  • You do not have to take any more tension about having grass allergies. A beautiful lawn can be had if you contact Agape Turf for the proper installation of artificial grass. Agape Turf uses affordable, natural looking and pleasing products. The value of your property can be increased by installing artificial turf.
  • The synthetic turf used by Agape Turf comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The distributor of the turf always honours this warranty.
  • Agape Turf is a licensed contractor of artificial grass Chandler AZ. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the work they do. Insurance, bonding, workers compensation insurance covers them to provide protection to your lawn. Your entire synthetic grass installation can be serviced by Agape Turf with the help of turf installation from preparing the base.
  • Very minimal maintenance is required to maintain your lawn. You just have to keep it clean instead of maintaining it. Organic materials from the surface can be removed from the lawn by using a lawn sweeper or a leaf blower. You can use rakes for cleaning a stiff and bulky objects. You can clean the high traffic areas by using a natural bristle broom.

Synthetic turf

  • Weeds do not grow through the artificial grass. In case weeds grow along the border, apply weed killer to remove them.
  • If accidentally something is spilled on the lawn, take basic care to avoid staining. Bleach and other cleaners can be used to clean your lawn. If paint is spilled on grass, paint thinner or turpentine can be used by you because the products of Agape Turf can withstand the reactions of chemicals.
  • Even during harsh weather conditions, the natural colour of the artificial grass can be retained. This is because these Agape’s grasses have a built-in UV protection solution.
  • The artificial grass neither gets too hot, nor gets too cold. It can function well in the morning and evening during summer season. Sprinkle water on the grass to keep it cool in the morning hours.
  • If you compare the real cost of maintaining a natural lawn, you will find installing the artificial lawn to be more affordable than it. Not only the cost, you can save a lot of time as no maintenance is required for such lawns.
  • Home Owners Association gives approval mostly for front yard application. The HOA allows only the products of Agape Turf for installing an artificial lawn. Support is provided to all the customers by Agape Turf to get the permission from Home Owners Association.

Contact the renowned Agape Turf today not only to make your lawn long lasting, but also beautiful and natural looking.

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