The Six Crucial Things to Consider Before Buying A Cordless Drill

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Apr 11
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The Key Features of the Cordless Drill

When it comes to cordless drills, there are various key features you have to understand. A versatile drill that is commonly in the range of lower to middle price is an ideal and decent tool suitable for drilling holes and driving screws, ideal for using around the house or farm. They are the most popular choice of most Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts since these tools are suitable for woodworking projects or drilling into light metal. The main features of these cordless drills are their lower cost and battery capacity ranging from 12 volts up 18 volts. These devices also feature a keyless chuck that enables it to hold up to 3/8 “ of drill bits.

Variable Functions and Speed Settings

In buying a cordless drill, look for variable functions and speed settings, these features makes the drill versatile and flexible to handle various applications. Check if the drill is built with a two-speed gearbox. A high-speed gear capable of producing up to 1200 RPM for faster drilling and a low-speed gear that provides 400 RPM for driving screws. Also, check if the drill allows the user to control speed through its trigger or a button. Having these features enables the drill to produce the right amount speed according to the task.

Specially Designed Cordless Drills

Specialised cordless drills are devices designed to provide more power, fueled by higher voltage batteries; these drills are capable of producing more speed and torque. A perfect example of this is the hammer drill. Built with a combined hammer action and drilling capability, hammer drills are capable of boring holes in brick and masonry. Specially designed to handle tougher tasks, these drills are built with powerful motors and extreme durability to ensure optimum performance.

Convenience and Comfort

In choosing a cordless drill, comfort and convenience should also be considered. An ergonomically designed drill with comfortable handle makes the device more manageable, allowing the user to have a better control and higher precision.

The Benefits of Having Two Power Cells

Cordless drills that have two batteries presents great benefits. Not only that it boosts productivity, but it also reduces the downtime when working on a certain project. Once a battery is discharged, the spare power cell will keep the drill going.
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The Checklist Recap

Six Point Checklist for Buying the Best and Ideal Cordless Power Drill

  • Examine the drill and check out the key features it offers such as speed settings, reversible motor and hand adjustable chuck the maximum bit size it can hold.
  • Figure out what do you need the drill for. Identifying the main purpose of buying a drill will lead you to a best ideal device that will suit your needs.
  • For heavier tasks or workloads, go for the more powerful and durable drill capable of handling masonry and concrete materials.
  • In case all the drills are suitable for your purpose, go for the one where you feel the most comfortable.
  • Check out the battery capacity, life and charge time, then decide whether you will need to have a spare power cell or not.
  • Choose among the well-known brands of cordless as they offer great benefits.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Investing on Your Cordless Drill

Before buying a cordless drill, have a clear idea about the functions and use of the device you want to purchase. Going for the more expensive high-quality drill presents a lot of advantages, it can also be beneficial in the long run. Drills that have higher voltage capacity offers more power compared to lower voltage devices, the greater the voltage capacity, the more efficient and productive the drill. Also, make sure to look for the devices that offer comfortable handle and well-balanced design.

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