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Jun 21
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Building custom media wall is much in vogue nowadays. Thunderbird ​Custom Design (TCD) is the best media wall designer and builder in the United States. Custom media walls and custom entertainment centres are provided by this renowned company for all residential homeowners. Thunderbird Media Wall is the trademark of TCD. Home remodel blueprints are provided to contractors by TCD who want to build such trademarked wall. Blue prints will be sent by TCD and the media wall will be built by contractors for all the customers.

What is a Thunderbird Wall?

A media wall which is specially created by blending together a variety of finishes and textures with architectural style is known as a Thunderbird Wall. The focal point in your home can be created by this wall to enhance the ordinary look of your house. A wide range of design styles can be covered by the team of TCD, as they use various materials and elements. A linear electric fireplace, glass shelving and mosaic tiles are incorporated in the plan of a modern Thunderbird Wall. Floated wood shelves and stacked stone shelves are in a contemporary wall. The combination of rustic wood accents and decorative drywall elements can be found in a south western wall. Your unique style will be exemplified by creating a Thunderbird Wall in your home.

Why choose TCD?

Customers are considered as the most valuable entity by the professional team of TCD. Call them to get consultation and design for your media walls. Highly constructed and innovative building entertainment centres are built by TCD which reflect the true works of art. A level of high standard service is maintained by TCD to fulfil the expectations of their customers. The team of TCD is very professional, friendly, completes the project on time and works very cleanly. A ​customer can receive the wall of their dreams by hiring the professional team of TCD.

Why do you need a Thunderbird Wall?

While planning and designing to have a custom media wall at home, the customers often focus on two main objectives. Combining function and form and displaying all the media equipment attractively is the first goal of any customer. The audio/video needs of the clients are taken into consideration by the design of TCD to create a perfect Thunderbird Wall.

Custom cabinets are included in most of the walls to hide the wiring and all the equipment. Building a unique one-of-a kind entertainment media wall is the second goal of most of the customers. Credenza and cookie-cutter entertainment centre have become very common and boring. The Thunderbird Wall is unique from the other entertainment centre​s as TCD blends the textures, colours and finishes in an absolutely different style than the other companies. Your home can be transformed entirely by the excellent work of art of TCD. It is located in Arizona and has the high experience of over 12 years.

Get free consultation and design by contacting Thunderbird Custom Design today to get a makeover of your home.

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