Viewing IP CCTV Cameras on Your iPhone

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Oct 26

When you have a business all that you want to make sure is that you will not have people stealing from you. Basically, this is something that all of us are afraid of, especially when we have a big store where it’s theoretically a lot easier to steal from. If you have been involved in such situations in the past and you lost a lot of money then, you will not have to worry about that any longer, because now, there is an even more effective way for you to watch over what is happening in your store.

Viewing IP CCTV Cameras on Your iPhone is somewhat of a trend nowadays and there are more and more people who are considering this new revolutionary way of watching over their business. Even though there are plenty of apps out there people can use, not all of them are useful and this means that you will get bad image quality and stuttering. You very well know that if your video stops when the thief prepares to steal something, you will not be able to see vital details that could incriminate him and get him in jail.

One of the latest programs that you can use in order to view your CCTV camera is called Y Cam. This app streams video in mjpeg which is compatible with your iPhone. However, you should know that regardless of the camera model you have, you will be able to still view it by making use of this program. Even though out there you will find that there are cameras making use of codecs that your iPhone does not support, there are almost in each such situation URLs which you can use so that you can reach streams your mobile is compatible with. In the less fortunate cases, you will be able to see the last still frame from your camera.

Security is a big issue nowadays and because of the economical crisis it seems that more and more people are resorting to criminal behavior. Being in lack of food and money it’s utterly naturally for such individuals to do something, even if it’s illegal in order to survive. Even though you may empathize with some of these people, when you see that you are victim of their problems, it doesn’t really feel that great anymore and you need to take action.

By using apps like Y Cam, you can get access to each of your CCTV cameras, regardless of how far they are from you. All you need to do is ensure that you have a good internet connection and eventually you will get through. There are also many other apps out there that may facilitate you access to your CCTV cameras and that is why you are encouraged to use them.

With that being said, it seems that from now on everything that happens in your store can easily be viewed by you at anytime you wish. With your iPhone and a good internet connection, it seems that seeing what your CCTV cameras see is very easy!

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