What are the problems caused by termites and their solutions?

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Apr 05
Termite treatment

Do you worry about the damages that can be done by termites? Yes, this is a serious problem. It is also a common problem for almost all houses nowadays. Basically, termites are nothing but the insects which mostly destroy things made of wood. Houses are generally made of wood in the cold countries that have a lot of snowfall. Also, most of the precious furniture is made from wood. Apart from these, many antique statues or items are made from wood. All of these can be destroyed by termites.

Now, when you try to kill them with your hand or an ordinary tool, the wood is also damaged in the process. It is a really critical problem and therefore, you have to take some necessary steps to protect your expensive items from these insects. In this regard, you will require some exclusive services.

Destroying termites

Everyday Pest Control is a great service that provides some extraordinary services in this field. Termite treatment is done by the professionals of this company. Each of their professionals has a wide range of experience. Their services carry warranty and outstanding quality. Their service is also efficient and affordable. The most important thing is that they have extensive knowledge of various technologies, as well as the use of proper tools. Therefore, without doubt, their services fully satisfy you.

Categories of termites and their damages

When it comes to removing the termites from your house, you may have little knowledge of kinds of termites. Thus, you cannot take appropriate steps.

Different kinds of termites are responsible for different types of damages. Around the world, there is the existence of more than two thousand termites. You should know about few of them. The important categories of termites are:

  • Drywood – They are generally found above the land. They like to build houses inside the trees as well as wood. Moisture is not required for their living. The places where they are found mostly are the Southeast United States, as well as Southern California. They generally destroy the frames of window and door, attics etc. The wood damaged by these types of termites looks good from the outside. But, the actual damage is done inside.
  • Dampwood – These are another type of termites. Their homes are in the damp surfaces. The places where they are found are the Pacific Coast, the desert region in southern as well as southwest Florida. They easily attack any damp objects. This is why they can also destroy all types of plumbing materials. The damage done by termites is very smooth and looks clean.
  • Subterranean – These types of insects live under the land. Generally, they live as a colony. The wood is the food for them. But, they are not found in the cold weather. In North America, almost 95% of damage is done by these kinds of termites. The number of members present in single colony can be up to nearly one million. They can destroy more than six kilograms of wood every week.
  • Formosan – These are the most dangerous termites. The origin of these termites is from Taiwan. Goods that are cellulose-based are generally damaged due to their attacks.

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