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Nov 05

All pools can appear clean and crystal clear from a far glance. But honestly, your pool can have bacteria, algae and other unwanted things living in the pool that can be injurious and unhealthy. It is important to make sure that the person who is taking care of the pool has been educated in proper pool maintenance, equipment require and service. Pelican Bay Pools is a customer focused pool service company that began in 2008 and serves the greater Phoenix area and Glendale. All the necessary services can be provided by Pelican Bay Pools to ensure that your pool stays blue and clear at an affordable price. Any pool related task can be handled by Pelican Bay Pools for homeowners located in Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Goodyear, Surprise, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Arizona and Cave Creek. They are the best pool cleaners Glendale.

Pool Services

Here is a list of some of the high quality services your pool can receive from Pelican Bay Pools.

Green Pool Cleanup Specialists

If the chlorine level of your pond drops low, it is easy for algae to take over it. Pelican Bay Pools is very good at cleaning pools. Some features of their services are –

  • Weekly Full Service
  • Cleaning of all skimmer baskets
  • Meticulous pool brushing
  • Adding chemicals and checking the water chemistry as needed
  • Pool surface is skimmed to collect any dirt or debris
  • Backwashing filters
  • Proper performance is verified after turning on the equipment.

Chemicals only service

Pelican Bay Pools will come to your pool, add any chemicals needed after testing your pool water to make sure that your water will have the proper chemical balance.

One-time Cleanups

A onetime cleanup service can be provided by Pelican Bay Pools, if your pool gets dirty after a storm or even by algae. They will get it back to swimming condition so that you can swim in crystal clear water.

Equipment Repairs

Pelican Bay Pools fixes the broken pool equipments. Any residential pool equipment repair can be tackled by them through a network of trained pool technicians.

Equipment that they service

Here is a list of items that Pelican Bay Pools can repair –

  • Pumps and motors for all spas, pools and water features.
  • Plumbing clogs and leaks.
  • In-floor cleaning systems and pool vacuums.
  • Electronic or gas heaters.
  • Pool lighting, timers and other electrical items.
  • Pool draining and start-up.
  • Salt Chlorinator system cleaning, replacement and installation.

Upgrade Installations

Many different pool components, such as your heater, spa light or waterfall can be controlled by pool automation. Pool automation can give you satisfaction of being able to control your pool settings from your phone. You can turn on the heater the time you leave your office. You don’t have to wait for your pool to warm up and flip a switch. As soon as you arrive home, your pool will be warm and ready. You can also turn off the pool motor with the help of your automation app.

Thus, make your pool suitable for swimming by cleaning it at regular interval with the help of the certified professionals from Pelican Bay Pools.

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