Why should you think of using tapes in place of colors?

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Jun 28
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Coloring a floor is definitely an old tradition. Also, many house owners like to maintain this process till date as their ancestors followed this tradition for a long time. No doubt, it is a great process that makes the floor of your house look great but it is also true that using of colors on the floor is the best option these days.

Over time, the glow of a color gets reduced. For solving such issues, floor tape was introduced. They are available in various categories in the market. A tape that is used for marking the floor has several advantages over the normal coloring process. These tapes not only function better but also happen to be longer lasting. Durability is a great aspect of such tapes. There is a wide variety of eye-catching and good-quality tapes available in the market. A customer should purchase an appropriate tape for designing his/her floor to get the best outcome.

Why is a tape more useful than painting?

Both colours and tapes can be used to design and mark the floor. Both are good methods, used by people all around. But, there are some special qualities in tapes which make it better than colouring.

Tapes add an exclusive beauty to your floor. Your friends and guests are impressed to see such beauty. Some of the reasons why tapes are more popular than painting are –

  • Tapes are easy to apply on your floor. The most interesting fact about the application of tapes is that you do not require any additional stuff for this purpose. When you paint your floor, you need to purchase rollers, sprayers and also brushes. Also, you have to purchase some expensive colours to add more beauty to the floor. You will also need some solvents for cleaning purpose after the completion of the painting. So, it is really a waste of time as well as money. You do not face such hassles when a tape is applied.
  • Just after colouring, you do not have any idea how a floor will look. After applying colour, you have to wait until the floor has dried. It can really be a frustrating time. But, when you use tapes, you can experience its beauty just after applying it.
  • When it comes to durability, tapes are much better than colours. Colour starts losing its beauty over time. But, the same thing does not occur with tapes. Tapes can never be damaged through jacks, chemicals etc.
  • Sometimes, few colours may cause allergy in the skin when it is wet. But, tapes are totally free from this.

What does FloorTapeHQ offer?

FloorTapeHQ is an excellent company known for manufacturing tapes used for designing floors of industries, warehouses, and factories. Among various tapes offered by FloorTapeHQ, PermaStripe is the most popular one. This particular tape is durable and widely used in many industries. Heavy work can be easily done over PermaStripe. This tape is a really remarkable product of FloorTapeHQ that offers a warranty of a couple of years, along with good features. In case you find any fault with their tapes, the full money is refunded to your account.

So, tapes have many good features that attract a number of customers. Again, when your tape is as excellent as PermaStripe, then you needn’t worry at all.

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